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Segway Surf & Oyster in Ria Formosa

Location: Ludo Natural Park
Date: Every day
Times: 9Am till 6Pm
Duration: 6 Hours and 30 minutes
Minimum: 2
Maximum: NA

Segway Surf & Oyster in Ria Formosa

When 3 friends, with 3 successful companies in the Algarve, with such different subjects as Segway Tours, Surf Lessons in the beautiful Faro Island and Oyster creation in the stunning Ria Formosa riverside get together – there’s a different and unique product being born that we invite you to discover in the images and video below!

We start with a stunning Segway Tour in our unique and picturesque Ria Formosa Natural Park. After 1h30 tour, more or less, you will be left in the local Surfing club where you’ll have a boat ride to one of the 7 wonders of Portugal – the place where the ocean meets the riverbed called “barrinha de São Luis”! In this magical spot is where you’re going to learn how to surf!

After your surfing lesson, prepare yourself to a paddle tour in the amazing landscapes and marshals of the riverside. You’ll discover in no time the oyster farms and plantations – and with your feet on them – your going to try the best and tastier oysters of the Algarve accompanied by a glass (or a couple) of champagne!

It’s almost a full day in clock time and definitely a full day in heart time! Because this is going to be an unforgettable experience!

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